About Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ

Fr. Michael Rossmann, S.J. is a native of Iowa and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Loyola University Chicago, and Boston College. He was ordained a priest in 2017. He is currently working on a doctorate at the Gregorian University in Rome.

Fr. Rossmann is the author of The Freedom of Missing Out. In 2017, he started the "One-Minute Homily," a project of The Jesuit Post. Since then, he has continued to produce short-but-substantive videos for social media.

Goals in life include having a conversation with Tyler Cowen and getting people to spell his last name with two N’s.

Email: amdg@substack.com / Insta: @rossmannsj / facebook.com/OneMinuteJesuit

Why “The Ruckus”?

Pope Francis can answer that one:

Take risks, even if it means making mistakes. Don’t go through life anaesthetized or approach the world like tourists. Make a ruckus! Cast out the fears that paralyze you, so that you don’t become young mummies. Live! Give yourselves over to the best of life! Open the door of the cage, go out and fly! Please, don’t take early retirement.

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Short videos and commentary from Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ


Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ